Jay Peak Video: A grass roots marketing concept that was way before its time. It was early 2005, the ski movie industry was circled around the DVD and a yearly production cycle. We believed a media-based approach was our angle. We would shoot on weekends and have an edit out by Tuesday. Faster to market, more reality, more viral, and we nailed it conceptually. The videos were highly suspect but it didn’t matter so much. Folks wanted to see the current conditions, folks really were just goofing off at work and stoked on relevant/fresh content. Corporate cult-ure needs content for procrastinators. We provided.

Send it Studios: SIS is the brainchild of the “Kid” who took the ball and ran with it. The Kid actually makes real TV shows and is wicked nice and cool and shit. Such an asshole.

The Kid posing as a photog

The Kid posing as a photog… wrong side of the tape bud.