Work4POWDER: Statement of Origin

What is it man? It’s a fun prank that turned into a catchy phrase, a Jay Peak Video ski edit, a provocative T-shirt, and LodgeTheory movement…

It was a dismal weekender’s weekend at Jay Peak. Rainy, nasty… all we wanted was snow. We did the snow dance, we really did everything we could; there was nothing left to do. So after a hearty lodge breakfast, we figured it was time to picket!IMG_0797

We grabbed scraps of plywood and strapping for handles and whipped up some picket signs. “Not Going Home”, “Kind or Bust”, and “Will Work 4 POWDER” and headed for Jay Peak Resort parking lot to … to do something and dammit we were intent.

We sought out the tallest snowbank in the Tram lot. Gnarled and covered in melted-bank-sand remnants we stood proud. Taunting the clouds, and most of the incoming traffic, the giant question became; would you work for powder? well, would ya?

A couple of pictures and videos later and we were poised to take this stunt to the next level, so we did.

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